Don’t do anything like everyone else. The Swiss brand has shown us that it is possible to break the rules in the highly standardised world of watchmaking. No one has forgotten the first campaign for the brand worn by its ambassador, Chris “Birdman” Andersen, the NBA basketball star famous for his many tattoos. For this second wave, BOMBERG is has lost none of its defiant approach. With such a beautiful, virile, solid product, embellished with distinguishing features – crown and buttons placed at 12 o’clock, dual usage wrist or pocket, skull-and-crossbones chain – its advertising is duty bound to be just as insubordinate as the tool itself.

“Tact in audacity is knowing how far you can go without going too far.” Jean Cocteau

The advertising messages of the new Bomberg campaign flirt in both word and image with that deliciously tempting boundary called “crossing the line”. Knowing how far to go without going too far. And with whom… TOYS FOR BOYS, BE THE BOSS, UNCHAIN THE BEAST: three times three words, and everything is said. The visual, though, is somewhat more talkative. The juxtaposition of the two yields a fantastic campaign directly targeting the source of hormone production. French photographer Hervé Lewis is behind this series of clichés. A disruptive approach sprinkled here and there with a hint of S&M. An aesthetic choice: black & white. The curves, those of the watch, are asking to be touched… to be chained up. And as special guest, a bulldog… its gaze directed slightly upward!